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Meet Grace Kajimura – Superstar Wedding & Events Coordinator

Hi, I’m Grace Kajimura, the previous owner of Graceful Gatherings and now the host of Wedding Talk Sacramento. I got my start in catering around the age of 15 and became obsessed with the adrenaline rush of working high stress and fast-paced events. I have a Certification in Tourism & Travel as well as over 15 years in the hospitality industry working for caterers, florists, decor companies and everything in between. 

I planned my very first wedding from start to finish in 2013 when my son was just 1 year old(I have two kiddos now, 7 and 3 years old). It only took one wedding to realize I LOVED being a wedding planner and wanted to learn all there was to know about the job. At the time, I had no idea that being a wedding planner is in the top 10 for most stressful jobs in the nation EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Within 6 months I had quit my day job to pursue a career as an event coordinator and I had no idea what I was in for! 6 years later, I have learned countless lessons in business, wedding planning, and just life overall. 

Grace & Family

I started planning weddings to help couples save money, time and stress at their weddings and I’ve realized now that I need to find a way to help the local wedding industry as a whole. I started Wedding Talk Sacramento this year(2019) to get info out to couples and wedding professionals alike. Lessons I’ve learned along the way(most of them the hard way) can only help by preventing others from making similar mistakes. On the show we discuss more than just decor trends and color choices; we talk about what makes a real pro, why they charge what they charge, the importance of planning for your marriage and not just your wedding, and so many other hot topics in the industry today. It’s unscripted, unfiltered, and HONEST.  I look forward to meeting you all at the next mixer or catching you live on the next episode of Wedding Talk Sacramento!

Me discussing Wedding Budgets LIVE on Fox 40 News!

I’ve been a member of AFWPI since 2013 and have so much respect for the long-standing organization. Bringing local wedding professionals together and continuing their education in their field is incredibly important to our couples. We all need to work together to pull off all these “dream days” for our clients and getting to know each other in a networking environment like AFWPI has been a wonderful experience and really brought my business up to a higher standard. I enjoy how the industry is constantly changing and that has made self-education an invaluable tool for all wedding pros. I volunteered for the AFWPI Annual Business Conference planning committee because I know how important it is to constantly learn in this industry. I am also a Founding Board Member of the Sierra Foothills Chapter of AFWPI.

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