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4 Tips for Successful Mastermind Group

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Whether you are succeeding in business, struggling, or just want a community of support my biggest suggestion is to join a mastermind group. 

If you can’t find one or think they are too expensive, do what I did and create one. I have been hosting/participating in this group mastermind now for a year a half. 

It is a group of business professionals with the goal of support and brainstorming. It is a community invested in each other success and thrives to help each member grow in business and life. 

Here are my tips for you to create your own mastermind:

  1.  Meet every two weeks via video chat.

This is really non-negotiable. You must meet often to be held accountable for things. My group is 1 hour every two weeks. That is not a lot of time invested. But the rewards are immense. You can pick how often is best for your group, but if you wait too long or infrequently it won’t be beneficial. 

  1. Assign a Hot Seat date to each member. 

In the first meeting, I put all the names on slips of paper and draw names for each date. Each member gets one hot seat. A hot seat is there a chance to bring to the group a project for brainstorming, an issue they need help with, or even just ideas for their next offering. The options are unlimited. Your benefit is that you get multiple brains all focused on your need for 30 mins or so.  

  1. Accountability

At the end of each meeting, everyone lists out 1 or 2 items for which to be accountable in the coming week. These are then posted in the Private/Secret FB group for our mastermind. 

  1. Pick the right members

It is incredibly important to only allow those into the group who will take it seriously. You get one hot seat, but you also need to be there for everyone else! They give you their time, you must give them yours. 


No matter what you decide I can tell you from my personal experience and the statements of others in our group that it has been such an amazing experience. We are aiming high and meeting our goals because we have this accountability and support. 


Feel free to reach out if you have questions about setting up your own mastermind, or maybe you want to join our group.

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